Four weeks of regular one-on-one sessions

Focused on a specific area or issue, tailored to your needs for clarity and healing.

Receive intuitive insights and messages, & guidance and support as you deepen your own intuitive connection over the four weeks.

Discover the clarity and relief that intuitive work can bring.

The Stress Reliever

The Gist of it

Guided deep relaxation is the focus of regular sessions, twice per week.

For those seeking some inner peace and calm.

An opportunity for a reprieve from the overwhelm and a quieting of the mental chatter.

Intuitive insights to support resilience going forward.

Energy work and clearing to spark shifts on an energetic / inner-consciousness level.

Well-defined ‘time to yourself.’

Includes – over 4 weeks

1hr initial one-on-one session by Zoom or phone

3.5hr (7x30min) one-on-one sessions by Zoom or phone

Connection by text/online-messenger for the 4 weeks and beyond.


$350. The Stress Reliever
GST included in the above price

Valued at $540 if sessions booked individually.

The Salve

The Gist of it

Deep work to find clarity, perhaps around an issue impacting your overall wellness, such as:  an experience you’ve had, a relationship, grief, self-doubt or fear of what others might think, or something you can’t even identify.

An opportunity to find relief through frequent connection and in-depth  focused intuitive work.

Be guided to invite your own intuition to help you gain clarity, and possibly identify a step toward resolution.

Receive intuitive insights and messages. .

Gain greater trust in your choices and your own intuitive connection.

Includes – over 4 weeks

6hr (6 x 1hr) one-on-one sessions by Zoom or phone

2hr (8 x 15min) remote sessions each with email summary, no technology connection required; or 1hr (3 x 20min) one-on-one sessions by Zoom or phone.

Connection by text/online-messenger for the 4 weeks and beyond.


$550. The Salve
GST included in the above price

Valued at $960 if sessions booked individually.

 If you find these prices to be out of reach, I invite you to contact me so we can find a way to make a session available to you.

Wondering if it will be worth it?  I will give you a full refund if you don’t find working with me to be worthwhile.

Important message

I am not a medical or mental health professional, and working with me does not replace such treatment. Please consult with a medical or mental health professional first, as appropriate to the issue requiring attention, in order to best serve your health and wellness, and before complementing any treatment with intuitive work.

While my aim is to help you find improvement and positive outcomes within any session or interaction we have, I don’t make promises of specific results or complete resolution to an issue. Intuitive work cannot be forced, and often yields unexpected results. It may take you on a circuitous route – perhaps in directions that may seem off-course and disparate at the outset – before eventually getting to the heart of the issue, or to where to where want or need to be. Issues can also be deeply-rooted and a resolution may take time – and possibly a combination of therapeutic approaches – to work through completely. 

Working Together

One on one work with me. 
Notice, strengthen, and trust your intuitive connection.

Single Sessions.

Clarity. Exploration. Deep relaxation.

Courses and Packages.

In-depth work in different areas.
Tailored to you.
Follow your curiosity.

Book a FREE Discovery Call

Working with your intuition is personal.

Issues you may wish to work through, what may come up in a session, questions you may have - these things are often private and sensitive.

You want to work with someone you trust and with whom you feel comfortable.

I want to make sure what you're looking for is something I can provide, and be certain that I'm able to meet your needs.

Let's connect for a chat to see whether it feels like a good fit.

By phone or over zoom, calls are generally anywhere from 10min to 3omin.

Doubt Less, Trust More

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Intuition Development
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