(Originally posted Jan 7, 2019)

While many people have heard of Reiki, I get a lot of questions about Metatronia® Therapy (MT) – another healing modality that I offer.  It is similar to Reiki in that it is also energy healing, but a higher vibration; the sensations and the overall experience are generally a little different than in a Reiki session.

MT sessions are typically done by distance – meaning you’re at your place, I’m at my place.  No matter how far apart we are, the session will be impactful.  I connect in with the energy field and Archangel Metatron, who connects with your spirit, aligning you with Divine light, or Source, raising your vibration.  Energetic blockages are removed, along with belief patterns that are no longer serving you.  Healing energy transmissions are downloaded from Metatron directly to you, which often involve colours and geometric shapes (sacred geometry); you may or may not see these in your mind’s eye during the session.  Some shapes and colours point to certain areas that are being healed within you.  Though we may not fully understand – on a conscious level – exactly what all the geometric shapes and colours mean, and are likely not even aware of the other transmissions coming through during the session, the messages are critical to soul-healing and transformation; they ultimately shift you away from fear and toward love.  A few of the many benefits after a session:  you’re likely to feel more clarity, an overall sense of peace and calm, and improved sleep.

A friend recently suggested that I write what a younger me would have wanted to read about my energy healing work; let’s call her Younger Me.  I love this idea.  But the thing is, no matter how I explain Metatronia® Therapy, Younger Me would likely have been skeptical: connecting with an archangel?  how do I know they’re not just making this up, surely angels and spirit guides aren’t real. Younger Me, even Five Years Ago Me, would have read the paragraph above and been curious, for sure; but remember the famous line in the movie Jerry Maguire “You had me at hello!”?  Well, I would have lost Younger Me at “connect in with Archangel Metatron.”

I’m incredibly glad that my curiosity and openness has won out over Younger Me’s skepticism.

People have suggested that I avoid addressing the skepticism around energy work.  Perhaps the concern there is that by acknowledging the skeptics I may be keeping the doubt alive, and actually giving some sort of credence and depth to the disbelief.

Make no mistake:  I have great confidence and belief in the value and power of the services I provide, and energy work in general.  In recent years I have embraced a deep knowing that spirit guides are indeed real, as are angels and archangels, and that they greatly assist us – particularly when we ask for it and express gratitude for their help.  The healing power of energy and angelic connections, spirit guide guidance, and intuition still amazes me in my own practice, and continues to strengthen my confidence in my abilities to help myself and others.  I know that those who need help and are open to such healing modalities – will find me and connect

The thing is, to be authentically “me” in describing MT healing and energy work in general, I must acknowledge the people who think it all sounds a bit eccentric – particularly when it comes to angels and spirit guides. After all, we can’t see the energy, we can’t see the angels and guides – at least not like I can see the desk I’m sitting at, or the tree outside – nor can I take a picture of them to show you.

However, the positive impact is very real.

So – for all of you, including the skeptics, while there are no pictures of Metatron I can provide, no data or studies so far to support this particular healing modality – here are what some clients have shared about their experiences of Metatronia® Therapy:


“Thank you Carla for the lovely distant Metatronia® Therapy session with you. I so enjoyed how experiential it was and the process of sharing feedback together afterwards by e-mail. It was such a powerful session and I loved how safe and loved I felt. It was evident when the session started and I loved how relaxing it was; near the end I fell asleep knowing that the healing would continue. I felt very grounded and rejuvenated the next day. I will definitely be requesting another session in the near future. Thank you Carla and thank you Metatron!” ~Kelly Vass, Sherwood Park, AB


“My MT session with Carla was wonderful. I went in not knowing what to expect, but staying open to whatever I felt. Even though it was a distant session I could feel the energy work so strongly, truly amazing! I felt relaxed and calm. I walked away feeling peaceful, with more clarity, and a stronger sense of self. Carla has a gift, and I have great confidence in the work she does with me. Thank you!” ~Stacey


“Thank you, Carla for another enlightening Metatronia® Therapy session last night! Again, upon reflection, I can see how the messages come through you for my deeper understanding, healing, and growth. The session itself was fully relaxing, and the messages were so robust with guidance, encouragement, and enlightenment. I don’t realize how much spiritual work is happening while I’m “not looking”. It’s work of the heart, being done through you. I’m sincerely grateful for how attuned you are!”  ~HW


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